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Need information about Kokomo and Howard County?

We have you covered ... and then some.
First, here's an overview of Howard County:

The total population of Howard County is 83,305, with more than 56,000 calling the city of Howard County’s population has grown 0.67 percent since 2011. Kokomo home. The county’s median age is 40.45.

The majority of the population in Howard County has completed at least a high school degree.

Howard County has a labor force of 39,021 people, with a job growth rate of 0.04 percent since 2014.

There are a total of 3,273 businesses in the county. In 2015, the leading industries were manufacturing, retail and health.

h care and social services, accommodation and food services.

Workers in Howard County earn a median yearly household income of $44,548, with 36.5 percent of the households earning more than the national average each year. Household expenditures average $48,203 per year. The majority of earnings get spent on shelter, transportation, food and beverages, health care and utilities.

There are 128 percent more households who own their homes than there are renters.

Need more in-depth data?
Click on the links below to download extensive reports on the Greater Kokomo area.

In-depth information about the Howard County community, including population, educational attainment, labor force, businesses and jobs, income and spending, housing and transportation.

An exhaustive report on consumer spending broken into 15 categories, including apparel, entertainment, education, food, gifts, household furnishings, shelter, tobacco and more. Reports includes 2015 data and 2020 predictions.
Population statistics broken down by sex, race and ethnicity, labor force status, education attainment and size of household. 
Data recorded by both establishment and employees within establishment types. 
A wage report on nearly 200 occupations, including median hourly, mean hourly, median annual and mean annual. 
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