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Manufacturing Day is Oct. 6


Manufacturing is important to Kokomo’s economy so it’s no surprise Manufacturing Day is being celebrated here.

An annual celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers, Manufacturing Day 2017 is Oct. 6. The day is designed to draw attention to many rewarding high-skill jobs available in manufacturing fields. That’s why Ivy Tech Community College is hosting an open house and job fair on Oct. 6. Learn more about those events here.

Industry Week magazine ranked the Kokomo metropolitan statistical area as first in the nation for manufacturing presence, productivity and strength. With such a strong manufacturing presence in Kokomo, the local campus has many manufacturing training offerings.

There are many great opportunities locally for those who pursue just educational offerings. The community’s major employers include:


Automobile manufacturer operates 3 transmission plants and 1 casting plant facility in Howard County. In fact, recent investment from FCA has now made Kokomo the largest automotive transmission-producing community in the world!

Delphi Electronics and Safety

The company’s Kokomo Technical Center, which provides a variety of testing programs and environments for the company's safety and automotive connectivity technologies, is located in Kokomo. At this facility, products can undergo electromagnetic testing, dynamic testing, and environmental testing in a controlled environment.

General Motors

Its Kokomo operations provide manufacturing capabilities to GM and Delphi, as well as other companies outside of the automotive industry.

Haynes International

A leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of high-performance nickel- and cobalt-based alloys used in corrosion and high-temperature applications, its corporate headquarters has called Kokomo home since its founding in 1912 by famed inventor Elwood Haynes.

These major employers are just part of the manufacturing presence in Kokomo. And they’re just a part of the manufacturing powerhouse that is Indiana, a state which boasts 529,400 manufacturing jobs.