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Howard County Demographics

'Meet' the people who make Greater Kokomo a great place to live.

The total population of Howard County is 82,351 and includes the communities of Kokomo (57,836), Greentown (2,375), and Russiaville (1,097). Currently, Howard County is the 18th largest county in Indiana.
The median age of Howard County's population is 40, with the largest segment of residents falling into the 65+ category. Recent initiatives from the Alliance and local government aim to attract young professionals, which has led to it becoming the fastest-growing segment of Howard County's population. (Learn about the Chamber's Young Professionals program here.)
Over 52% of Howard County residents have at least some college education, with just over 28% possessing an associate, bachelor's or graduate degree. The majority of Howard County's population has a high school degree. 
The median household income for Howard County residents is $49,980 (a 'household' includes the tax filer, his/her spouse if applicable, and any tax dependents). More than 40 percent of households earn more than the national average each year. 
The largest segment of Howard County's population falls into the $100,000+ category. 
For more information on wages in Howard County, visit Income & Wages
Information last updated: January 2019 from Indiana Economic Development Corporation