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Why Join the Chamber?

Chamber membership: It's just good business

Our members' reasons for joining our Chamber of Commerce vary. But as both professional research and member experiences have shown, joining the Chamber is just good business!

With membership in the Greater Kokomo Chamber, you’ll benefit in a number of ways. Watch what the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) says about the value of Chambers:

Still need more reasons to join? Here are a few other important values you'll get from joining the Greater Kokomo Chamber:

Gaining consumers’ trust has never been more important in business than it is today. For almost every purchase, residents and businesses seek out recommendations from a number of sources, including the local Chamber of Commerce. Your Chamber membership tells potential customers that your business is real, provides quality service, and cares about our community. All members are listed in our print and digital business directory, making it easy for customers to find your business and be assured that your company is a legitimate, competent organization.


The power of a Chamber is building relationships and referrals for you and your business. The Chamber serves businesses with a variety of promotional, educational, networking and advocacy programming and opportunities. We provide a multitude of services in all of these areas as well as giving you volunteer options to deepen business relationships and connections.



The Chamber sponsors and participates in a wide array of events in Kokomo and Howard County, including community events, festivals, beautification initiatives, and more. With your membership in the Chamber, you receive access to all of these events and the opportunity to put your business face-to-face with citizens and community leaders. We also have a number of ways that we promote our members: including Facebook, Twitter, and our member email newsletters, just to name a few!

Chamber membership provides more than just the opportunity to do business. It also gives you a platform to meet other professionals in the Kokomo business community, participate in community service and outreach initiatives, and get support from (and give support to!) over 500 other local businesses and their employees. You’ll also be connected to other area business leaders with similar goals, interests, and concerns – who may also be in need of your services, too!
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