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Businesses partnering with nonprofits

The Chamber Creating Change campaign kicked off during the third annual Business Matters Luncheon featuring nonprofits in Kokomo and Howard County in February 2017. 

The event brought together individuals, organizations and businesses in the community who have a desire to make a difference. The company's many non-profit organizations need leadership, volunteers and monetary contributions to meet the needs in our community.

Our hope is that through this program, nonprofits find partnerships with civic-minded businesses and also create collaborative relationships with other nonprofits in the community to help bridge gaps in available services.

The Chamber Creating Change booklet hopes to give those who want to make a difference the means to do just that. Listed inside are 29 organizations that share your mission to improve the community and the lives of the individuals and families that call it home. Click here to view and download the booklet. 
Participating organizations are asked to use the hashtag #ChamberCreatingChange when sharing the good work they're doing with nonprofits on social media.