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Chamber of Commerce Downtown Association
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In 2006, an effort to identify the most efficient and effective way to approach economic development activities for Kokomo and Howard County began.  Through studies and open dialog, the community made the decision that it would be in our best interest to merge the current development corporation and its business incubator with the chamber and the urban enterprise association, as all play some role in economic development.  This new organization, the Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance, was formed through that merger on January 1, 2009.

The new board immediately recognized that the changing global economy and the attributes held in our community need to be better aligned to capitalize on the emerging industries and to assist in the growth of our existing legacy businesses.  This new approach positions the Alliance, through a cross section of government and industry leaders, to provide the environment that will enable a more strategic and long-view strategy in making decisions to further grow and develop our community to meet the needs of the new economy. 

The Alliance offices are located in Inventrek Technology Park, 700 E. Firmin St., Kokomo. To contact Alliance staff, click here