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Where is Kokomo/Howard County?
Kokomo, the county seat of Howard County, is located in north central Indiana, fifty miles north of Indianapolis. Chicago, Illinois is only 130 miles northwest and Cincinnati, Ohio is 160 miles southeast. Kokomo, Indiana's 11th largest city, is the center of a technology triangle formed by other economically strong cities - Lafayette, Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. We offer a close proximity to Purdue University, Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis and Ball State University. Add to that, Indiana's location lying within the south-central portion of the Midwest and you find yourself ideally positioned.
Can I find the number of workers I need in Kokomo/Howard County?
The dependability of Kokomo's workforce is proven in high productivity. Our workforce is highly trained and is drawn from a six-county balanced mix of job experiences. Many types of laborers are available with the strong work ethic Midwesterners are known for.
What if I want to bring my key employees with me?
We would be glad to assist your employees by providing them with materials that demonstrate the available affordable, quality housing available. We can also provide them with information about the local school systems. Kokomo, which is known as the "City of Firsts" for all the remarkable inventions and products first produced here, has always been a progressive, innovative community with a strong emphasis on the quality of life. Many have commented on the more relaxed pace of the Midwest and yet there is always something to do. Contact us for more information.
What type of skills can the Kokomo/Howard County workforce offer?
Many types of laborers are available in this area. They have the strong work ethic Midwesterners are know for. Leading local industries include automotive parts and accessories, specialized electronic component, injection molding and others. We also have strong partnerships between business, education, the service sector and government to ensure that our residents have the education and training to acquire the skills needed to be successful workers.
What if I have training needs specific to my company?
With the local presence of Indiana University Kokomo, Purdue School of Technology, Ivy Tech Community College and Indiana Wesleyan, it would be very easy to customize a curriculum for the needs of your employees. We also have a variety of skilled trade apprenticeship programs.
Can I find a facility to suit my special needs?
The Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance maintains a database of available commercial and industrial buildings. You can search the Site & Buildings database on this website and print a report with information about each site you choose.  We can facilitate a tour of local facilities and put your in touch with local realtors.
What if I want to build my own facility?
The Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance maintains a datable of available land, including established industrial parks and greenfields. We can also assist you with zoning and utility questions, as well as questions about tax abatements. Contact us with your questions.
Who should I contact for help with government services?
The Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance has a strong partnership with the City of Kokomo, Howard County and the State of Indiana. We can be your source for contacts with government. We can provide information about available incentives and be your resource for the contacts youneed to make to establish your business in our community.
Why would I want to locate a facility in Kokomo/Howard County?
  • Excellent geographic location
  • Strong, productive workforce
  • Excellent education institutions, including Indiana University Kokomo, Purdue School of Technology, Ivy Tech Community College and Indiana Wesley
  • Midwest leader in the technological field
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