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Chamber of Commerce Downtown Association
700 E. Firmin Street, Suite 200
Economic Development Inventrek Technology Park
700 E. Firmin Street, Suite 200
Visitors Bureau
700 E. Firmin Street, Suite 200

Alliance Team

President & CEO
Charlie provides the leadership and vision that drives the Alliance in our community.
Joelene manages the Alliance's 'behind the scenes' activities to keep us on task and moving forward.
Manager, Downtown Initiatives
Susan drives our revitalized downtown with new ideas, events, and programs.
Manager, Convention & Visitors Bureau
Sherry helps our visitors, tour groups, and travelers have an amazing experience in Kokomo and Howard County.
Administrative Coordinator, Main Street
Linda serves as the heart and soul of our Main Street office.
Administrative Coordinator, Firmin Street
Abby keeps our Firmin Street office running on all cylinders.
Manager, Marketing & Communications
Misty tells the world about the Alliance and the many advantages to working, living, and doing business in Kokomo and Howard County.
Manager, Economic Development
Mike develops creatives ways to promote and expand Howard County's economic environment.
Facilities Manager
Dan keeps our buildings looking great, our tenants feeling happy, and our operations running smoothly.
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