Inventrek Technology Park

Launch. Navigate. Innovate.

We're a high-tech business incubator. We help new technology-driven companies realize their potential. How? By providing the core physical services and critical business development services needed to successfully develop and market technology-based initiatives.

The high-tech businesses selected to participate are provided office and light manufacturing space. They're also given access to a wide range of support services and programs.

Our mission is very much what you'd expect it to be, given our affiliation with the Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance. We're here to encourage the long-term economic growth of Kokomo and Howard County by ...

  • creating new high-tech companies
  • supporting the development of new technologies for existing companies

Our seasoned professionals have an intimate understanding of the challenges businesses face today. They can help accelerate your high-tech company's business-launch timetable by ...

  • directing the preparation of a sound business plan
  • gathering intelligence on key industries, competitors, and markets
  • recruiting experienced mentors from industry to work directly with you
  • brokering strategic alliances with other start-ups or established firms
  • identifying useful trial-sell, beta test, and test market opportunities
  • positioning you to interact with important investors and venture capitalists

Is your high-tech business a potential Inventrek candidate?
Review our Client Profiles.
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Be sure to check out the services of our exciting new CAD Lab, too. It’s the world's first Computer-Aided Design facility open for public use.

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